Yellow Niar Dress

IDR 315,000.00



"minimalist is not lack of something. Its simply the perfect amount of something" 
here we go our collection that we called as a minimalist summer outfit. Special on this collection we make 4 different color. 
Yellow Niar Dress made from rayon super material, as we know rayon really have smooth texture and very comfortable to wear"

Size S
Bust : 85 cm 
Wist : 70 cm
hips : 95 cm
lenght the dress : 95cm

Size M
Bust : 88 cm 
Wist : 73 cm 
Hips : 98 cm
lenght the dress : 96cm

Size L 
Bust : 92 cm 
Wist : 76 cm
Hips : 101 cm 
lenght the dress : 98 cm
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