National Solidarity Day with Nhillustration

Posted by Meilia in diana
National Solidarity Day with Nhillustration image

Special for solidarity day we come to one of creative artisant in Bali,  nhillustation’s studio.

The studio is located in Kerobokan Badung, Bali – Indonesia.

First impression that we felt about this place was comfy and cheerful. Novas Hissy as a artisan of nhillustration has a good skill for painting and for us she has unique taste. She has her own character in every artworks that she made. Soft, calm and feminine.  Here is some pictures that we captured last time when we come to nhillustartion studio.

Nova Hissy is an artisan illustration. Her hobby brought her to this level. She started her career as an artisan when she moved from Jakarta to Bali 8 years ago. She was studied in Institut Kesenian Jakarta. She is a freelancer artisan for some WO companies in Bali, she creates calligraphy for decoration in wedding event. She makes some workshops about watercolor, calligraphy and mandala. She also has private class for people who would like to learn more about  illustration. Nova is strong, independence and smarts woman. We really enjoyed the conversation that we made. Her opinion about life was quite surprising us. “gratefull for everything that you have, it sound cheesy but it really make my life meaningfull” -