Mother's Day with Rainia

Posted by Meilia in diana
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Never underestimate the worker as a house wife. “that is not an easy job, you have to carefull with your children, your husband and your big family manage the time between your pleasure and their pleasure. makesure that they are good and safe everytime” Said rainia when we asked her about house wife. But we didn’t see her face got tired when we came to her house and saw what she was doing with her children.  She never complain as a mother, she enjoyed her job, she never think too much about what people said about her. When womans nowadays are too busy to reach the goal for being woman career and feminist and she stand and proud with her job being House wife and a great Mother for their children and husband. Rainia is a strong and chill person.



 “nomatter how old are you younger or older, nomatter how prepare are you being a mother every woman will get nerveous and have no idea at the first time being a mother that is a normal”. 



“My first children Alena, she was born when my husband did not beside me, I prepared everything by myself and luckily my husband’s family really care and very helpful. Then alena was born and I felt blessed. I didn’t sad be cause my husband did not beside me be cause I understood the situation he had a tournament that he couldn’t leave. No drama I still felt happy when I saw my first baby.”


See, how wise this girl faced all the problem in front of her. She also has small business with her husband, they work together, She does not have to work in office but she works at home while she takes care with her children. We do really appreciate what she does to her children, for us Mother is very important figure. The relationship between a parent and child is a vital part of their physical and emotional development. For all mothers in Indonesia we would like to say thank you and appreciate all your works for your children you guys create a better generation for future. You guys also our inspiration .. Happy mothers day